What is Certified Payroll?

by Mark

We have just submitted a bid for our first government contract job and were told that if we won we would need to be able to file certified payroll reports????

Is this something we can do ourselves or do we need to
outsource to a payroll company?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Yes, you CAN do Certified Payroll, if You so Choose
by: Best Business Payroll

Technically, Certified Payroll IS something you can do yourself. However, if you have never done it before, you may want to choose a payroll outsourcing provider who has experience.

We have outlined what Certified Payroll and the government requirements is on the following page:


Or, you may find the page by clicking the "Payroll" button to the left, and then scrolling down to the bottom where Certified Payroll is listed under "Specialty Payroll".

Best of luck getting the bid!

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Certified Payroll
by: Mark

Thanks for your help!

What Is A Certified Payroll Report?
by: Micheal

We also need certified payroll but what is a certified-payroll report? Is this "report" something we could outsource or do we have to
try to figure this out in house?

Certified Payroll Report
by: Best Business Payroll


A Certified Payroll Report is indeed something you can outsource, or you may choose to do it in-house. Many companies who outsource find the additional work to complete these reports burdensome, which is why they decide against the in-house option.

A Certified Payroll Report is a two page report required by the Federal Government for contractors working on local, state, or federally funded projects. It outlines wages paid to workers to ensure contractors are paying a fair and reasonable wage.

According to the US Department of Labor, a certified payroll report will take about an hour to complete for a hypothetical job with eight employees. However, many companies prefer to outsource their payroll, including their certified payroll report, since it saves valuable time and money. Adding certified payroll to your outsourced payroll often adds less cost than paying someone the hourly wage to complete the form in-house.

Many states have additional certified payroll reporting needs; this additional paperwork often makes outsourcing certified payroll even more enticing. Please see our "Certified Payroll" area from the buttons on the left for more information.

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