What are the Advantages of Doing Payroll Bi-Weekly Versus Semi- Monthly?

by Anonymous

Our company is relatively small, maybe 70 or so employees. Right know we are paying on the 5th and 20th.

Are there any advantages to processing every other Friday?


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by: Best Business Payroll

Yours is a greatly debated question--Should we process our payroll bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or weekly? Or can we get away with monthly?

Many companies spend a great deal of time weighing the pros and cons of various pay frequencies. Judging from the number of questions we get on this issue, people tend to hold strong beliefs about the merits of one frequency over the other.

Instead of going over the same territory again, we invite you to scroll down our FAQ page to read up on the questions of other readers who have similar questions:

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From reading these questions and answers, you should get the analysis you are looking for.

Best of luck!

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