Use Your Contacts

by Andrew
(Atlanta, Georgia)

When I signed up to be a payroll referral rep, I found the number one best way to begin successfully referring was to talk to the people I already knew.

I made a list of everyone I knew that either owned their own small business or was in a position where they could get me an "in" with the decision-maker.

I simply started working down my list starting with the people I knew the best--it was easier that way since when I made a few mistakes or didn't know the answer they were more forgiving and let me get back to them with the answers they needed.

I got several invoices and handed them over to the sales team--within just a couple of weeks I had two sales and two more are pending right now.

I got commission direct deposited the week after the first company ran their payroll. I have been impressed by how smoothly it all happened and I'm excited that I'll be getting residual commission to add to my full time job.

Now I'm working down my list to people I don't know as well, but having experienced some success I am definitely going to keep going.

My advice to people is to definitely work your best known contacts first and not to get discouraged if you get a few rejections. I got a few "no's" but kept going, and soon I'll be getting residuals on four accounts.

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Oct 16, 2016
Your Success is Our Success
by: Best Business Payroll

Thanks, Andrew, for sharing what is working for you.

Just as an aside, and I know he won't mind us sharing this, but Andrew had several questions along the way, and he reached out to us to get the answers he needed. Even though he thought they were pretty basic questions, it's a new field for him so we were glad he reached out to get the advice he needed to successfully close the sale.

We are happy to help you navigate this new revenue stream avenue--after all, as we've said multiple times, YOUR success is OUR success. Feel free to reach out and we'll do our best to support you.

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