Europe and United Kingdom Expense Report Software

Using Europe and United Kingdom expense report software can reduce the costs associated with processing employee expense reports and cut the time it takes to create, approve and reimburse your employees.

United Kingdom Expense Report Software

Automating your expense management can help you:

Reduce Costs

According to the Aberdeen Group, companies processing expense reports using automated expense management solutions can save as much as 73% over those who are still processing manually. Much of this savings is accounted for by lowering transaction and processing costs.

Increase Compliance

Additional savings realized by using expense report software are in holding the line on expenses. With a manual system, the ability to override set maximums on expenditures can happen often; using expense report software can virtually eliminate such over-spending. By programming the software to reject expense claims which exceed pre-set amounts, better cost-control occurs.

Save Time

Employees can save a significant amount of time with an automated corporate expense tracking and management solution. Some expense management software can be integrated with travel booking, where expense claims are automatically populated with transaction and travel booking data.

Eliminate the Paper Trail

A number of expense report software packages give you the ability to go virtually paperless. By using digital recapture, e-receipts, and online processing, the volume of paper can be greatly reduced or even eliminated.

Gain Global Capability

Beyond these core reasons to automate your Europe expense report forms, using Europe and United Kingdom expense report software eliminates the need for you to navigate the complex laws and rules governing each country's tax code as it relates to processing employee expenses.

The time it would take to learn the varying tax rates in France, to navigate the complexities of reclaiming Value Added Tax (VAT) in various countries, or to figure out what is allowed for German per diem expenses can add up to vastly increased processing costs. Employing expense report software ensures compliance with each country's unique rules and regulations, while saving time and money.

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