Business Tax Incentive Rebate : Employment Network Ticket to Work Services

One of the many business tax incentive rebates that PayPros, Inc., working with Paradigm Partners, looks for is the Employment Network Service Ticket To Work program.

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What is our Employment Network Service?

During our Work Opportunity Tax Credit Screening we are also looking for potential Employment Network eligible new hires who will qualify for the Ticket to Work Program.

What makes your new hire eligible?

If the new hire has been receiving either Supplemental Security Income or Supplemental Disability Income through the Social Security Administration, they may be potentially eligible for this program.

How does the new hire become eligible?

We will provide a simple one page form that needs to be filled out by the new hire and returned to Paradigm Partners and our staff handles the rest.

As the employer is there a retention commitment for the new employee?

No, you are only compensated for the time in which the employee works for you up to 5 years. There is no recapture or penalties for terminating employment.

How much do I have to compensate the employee to receive a cash benefit?

The new hire must earn at least $720 monthly for the first nine months and $1,000 monthly from month ten through sixty.

What is the amount of the benefit can I expect from Paradigm Partners?

As long as the employee meets the minimum income requirements the employer can expect to receive the following:

  • $425 after first month
  • $425 after first three months
  • $425 after first six months
  • $425 after first nine months
  • $125 monthly from month 10 to 60
  • How does this affect the Work Opportunity Tax Credit?

    Employment Network Payments do not affect WOTC credit calculations or reduce the amount of credit available to be utilized. The opposite is true, employees that have received Employment Network eligibility are given a ticket to work and automatically qualify for WOTC.

    Is there a cap to the amount of payments under this program?

    There is no cap to the amount that payments received under the program.

    How many of my new hires will potentially qualify for this program?

    It is our experience that 10% of all your WOTC eligible new hires will qualify for this program.

    What makes Paradigm Partners so effective?

    Not only do we offer the screening tools and credit calculations, but in order for your company to maximize your potential benefit your tax partner must do more. That is why we feel this service is so valuable, some highlights of our service screening services are:

  • Customizable screening options which includes
  • Live operator phone screening
  • Conventional paper screening
  • We help manage internal compliance
  • Match screened new employees to actual new hires.
  • Identify non-compliant areas, and work with them to make them compliant
  • Educate hiring managers about the credit
  • Make sure that supervisors are aware of employees’ eligibility so the company maximizes the credit.
  • Identify how employer can target potentially certifiable job candidate pools.

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