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In an effort to offer our clients the highest level of service, PayPros, Inc. now offers tax incentive program services through Paradigm Partners, the national leader in securing financial benefits for businesses through state and government programs. Paradigm Partners will perform a cost free analysis in an effort to identify any programs for which your company may qualify.

Every year, millions of dollars in tax credits goes unclaimed, despite the fact that employers are continually hiring workers from the target groups designated by the WOTC Program. With hiring and pre-employment screening services, Paradigm Partners ensures employers fully capture the WOTC credits for which they are eligible.

Below is a list of tax incentive program services available through PayPros, Inc.

  • Hiring and Location Incentives
  • The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)
  • Federal HUD Zone Tax Incentives, Empowerment Zones and Renewal Communities
  • HIRE Act
  • Ticket to Work
  • Indian Tax Credit
  • R&D Tax Credit
  • Sales and Use Tax
  • Cost Segregation Studies
  • Energy Efficiency Studies
  • IC-DISC (US Exporter's Incentive)

  • Paradigm Partners is the leading tax consulting firm in the U.S. that focuses on niche tax issues. One of the services Paradigm provides is for Federal and State Hiring Incentive Tax Credits (HITCs). Paradigm provides a turn-key/no-risk service that insures that all of the Federal and State HITCs currently available are maximized for your company’s benefit.

    Paradigm Partners provides two services, 1) HUD zone location based study to identify HUD Zones which will trigger hiring incentive tax credits and 2) A screening service to capture new hires that qualify for tax credits and also to look back on current employees to identify any credits they qualify for, for 2010. Paradigm will insure that 100% of these credits are captured. All you have to do is have your new hires call the toll free call center, Paradigm does the rest. Most clients simply have the new hire call Paradigm's call center for a 3-5 minute screening process after completing their W2.

    Statistics show that approximately 10% - 15% of existing employees and new hires qualify for some type of Hiring Incentive Tax Credit and the average employee tax credit is $1,500 - $2,000. Businesses located in HUD Zones see a dramatically higher qualification rate. HITCs includes HUD Zone tax credits (3-year look back), WOTC (reduces AMT), and the Federal Ticket to Hire program and the new HIRE Act (both are available to for-profit and non-profit organizations). There are over 20 categories that qualify based on an individual’s age, ethnicity, participation in Federal or State assistance programs, background, current unemployment status, where they live and if the business is located in an empowerment zone and veterans.

    It is a challenge for most businesses to keep up with all of the changes and specific qualifications and the individual employee tracking to ensure that they are maximizing their HITCs. Paradigm Partners solves these challenges for companies.

    Paradigm Partners Services include:

  • Analysis of all existing business locations in the U.S. to determine HUD Zone HITC qualification.
  • 24/7 toll free “LIVE” Employment Specialists to screen employees and new hires to maximize HITCs.
  • Color coded IRS forms to insure accuracy and efficiency.
  • Proprietary tracking and reporting software to track employees to maximize HITCs available in years 1-5 of their employment.
  • Clients can view their HITCs in real time with their unique login to the Paradigm software application.
  • Completion of all required IRS Federal and State tax forms to claim hiring incentive tax credits.
  • Quarterly reviews and year end tax return completion.
  • Paradigm's proprietary processes capture 50% more HITCs than in-house manual and questionnaire systems based on our automated tracking and reporting system and highly skilled Employment Specialists.
  • Industry experts on staff, able to accurately evaluate and claim all of your eligible HITCs for both Federal and State credits.
  • Paradigm Partners employs the following process to ensure companies not only receive all the tax credits available to them, but also to make the process as smooth as possible for the client:

  • Kickoff call is scheduled and the Client is trained (20-30 minutes).
  • Welcome package and IRS forms are sent to Client (Forms are color coded by Paradigm to insure accuracy).
  • Client adds Paradigm info and IRS forms to hiring package.
  • New Hire calls toll free 24/7 employment line and speaks to a “LIVE” Employment Specialists (bi-lingual).
  • Employment Specialists requests any supporting documents (if needed) from employee and tracks employee until submitted.
  • Employment Specialists requests any supporting documents (if needed) from employee and tracks employee until submitted
  • New Hire’s identified for an hiring incentive credit are instructed on how to complete IRS forms, either 8850 or W-11, and employer mails form(s) to Paradigm (must have original signature).
  • New Hire is entered into Paradigm’s software tracking and reporting program to track hiring tax credits (client can login for a real-time view of tax credits by employee, captured and pending). Software insures that we capture credits through years 1-5 and credits triggered by wages paid.
  • Paradigm tracks client’s New Hire reporting to compare to calls received in our database to insure NO New Hires are missed (especially effective for multi-location businesses).
  • Look back study to identify eligible employees hired after 2/3/10 for the HIRE Act.
  • Quarterly review is scheduled to update client on processes, any changes to the tax code, confirmation that all New Hires have been processed and the tax credits that have been captured and pending.
  • Year end tax reports are completed and delivered in a single package for your accountant or CPA.
  • Paradigm is paid based on the success of the tax credits identified and captured, client benefits from thousands in new found money.

  • Contact us for a Cost Free Analysis on whether your company qualifies for one of these tax credit services. Call David Keenan (888) 693-4611 (direct line) or fill out the form below:

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