Small Business Online Payroll 
1 to 20 Employee Market Segment

Virtually all small business online payroll providers, both national and local, can accommodate this segment, as this Market Segment is the one with the most basic of needs.

When choosing an online payroll processing provider in this market segment, your key consideration is the stability of vendor. (See our "Key Considerations for All" on how to evaluate small business online payroll providers for stability).

small busines online payroll

Gathering the data:

Even though we have an entire section on Time & Attendance, for this market segment, it might not be necessary to keep track of employee hours electronically. Although larger companies can enjoy cost savings by gathering the hours of your hourly employees electronically, the savings are insignificant at this employee volume.

Sending the data to the online payroll processing provider:

You have a couple of options:

  1. Call in/fax in: Years ago, this was the only way; now this is one of two options. You can either call your friendly neighborhood Customer Service Representative at your payroll service bureau software provider or you can fax them a sheet with all of your hourly employees with the hours worked in some type of chart. Salaried employees only need to be mentioned if they had exceptions that week (ie: vacation, change in pay or benefits, etc.) otherwise they just get another check. The disadvantage of this method is that after you read the hours over the phone to your payroll service bureau software provider, the customer service representative must enter the data into the system, creating an opportunity for error.
  2. Enter Online: The chart that you would fax the business payroll online processor in the first option would be in worksheet form on your business payroll online processor’s secure web site. The advantage of this method over the call in/fax in method is that what you enter does not require an additional key-in, reducing the chance of error; with the web method, what you enter in is then processed with no further data manipulation.

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Getting the data back from the online payroll processing provider:

The data you get back is simple: pay stubs and reporting. The question is: which format?

  1. Paper: Either by Currier or the mail, you can get the paper checks and a small group of “Standard Reports”. Most business payroll online companies should give you at least the following reports: Check Register: a listing of each pay stub in one report Tax Report: how much the payroll service bureau software provider has “swept” from your account quarter-to-date and year-to-date for Federal, State and, if necessary, local taxes. Departmental Listing
  2. Paperless e Payroll: After payroll service program processing, you can go to your small business online payroll provider to access and download your reports. For pay stubs, different vendors employ one of two methods: Printing of all pay stubs is done by the payroll clerk Employee Self Service: each employee can have their own password which will enable them to go online and see or print their pay stub.
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