Salaried Employees

by Linda

If an employee is salaried, and for example makes 50,000 annually, and they start their job in March, should their paycheck be prorated so that they still make their annual salary for the year even though they did not work the first two months of that year?

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One Year = 52 Weeks
by: Best Business Payroll

As much as we would love to tell you that even by starting your job two months into the year your W-2 from your new employer will say $50,000 for 2012, we can't.

A salaried employee who makes $50,000 per year will have her pay prorated over the course of the calendar year. So dividing that $50,000 into, say, 26 biweekly paychecks and you will gross approximately $1,923 each pay period.

Your "year" at $50,000 will start with the first day you start work, and end 52 weeks later--and next March when you reach your one year anniversary, the pay you received from your company should total $50,000.

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