Retail Payroll Solutions

PayPros specializes in Retail Payroll Solutions to address the unique needs of a busy retail environment.

Retail Sales

PayPros does not want to just be your payroll processor, we want to be the partner that keeps you in compliance. Our HR Hotline is staffed by HR professionalsthat can answer all your questions. What's the alternative? You could guess your way through compliance and risk fines or even a lawsuit. Or you could add an HR department and keep a Labor Law attorney on retainer. All of these options are significantly more expensive.

With our powerful business online payroll solution, companies have real-time access with the following features:

  • Easy Setup: PayPros takes the burden of setup away from you; you provide the information and we will take care of the rest.
  • Manage Multiple Locations: Abilitiy to give an unlimited number of users unique access codes to customize access.
  • Integrate Retail Payroll with your POS System: data can be imported, eliminating the need to redundantly enter information, and increasing accuracy.
  • Export to Your General Ledger Report: Easily import into your GL, even across multiple companies.
  • Powerful Online Scheduling Tool: Our Time and Labor module enables you to not only see hours worked in the past, but allows you to look ahead to see which employees are scheduled. For example, if you know you need five people scheduled for Friday, but currently only four shifts are filled, you can easily see the gaps in your schedule and rectify them.
  • Comply With Minimum Wage: Before your payroll runs, PayPros provides you with a Minimum Wage Alert if an employee is falling short of state and federal requirements. In addition, the report will show you the amount of the shortfall by employee for that pay period.
  • Easily Re-Hire Employees: Some payroll companies routinely purge data for terminated employees, making it time consuming to re-hire. PayPros retains all data, making it fast and easy to re-hire.

  • Easily Track and Modify Employee Retail Payroll Information: Quickly track and modify all employee information (salary, taxes, deductions etc.)including information necessary to stay in compliance, such as training, Worker's Comp, FMLA, OSHA, disciplinary actions, reviews, and much more.
  • Run Payroll From Anywhere: Online access to your retail payroll account allows you to process your business online payroll, run reports, and make any changes from wherever you are.
  • Reports On Demand: Use PayPros standard reports, or customize with our Report Writer to help you manage labor distribution, overtime, Worker's Comp, and more. You can also run reports across multiple company codes.
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