Payroll Training Seminars

We've put together some payroll training seminars to help you through the sales cycle as you upsell your existing business clients and create an additional stream of revenue.

A good method to use is to spend some time going through each of the six videos sequentially. Then, feel free to revisit a video or two as needed as you prepare for client meetings.

For example, if you are unsure of how a prospect is currently processing their payroll, review seminar videos 1-3 to help you deal with any common objections you might encounter. 

Payroll Training Seminar #1: Payroll Overview

This video is for you If you’re new to payroll. It gives you a brief overview of payroll processing in order to sell to your existing clients, and deals with one of the most Common Objections you will encounter—the perceived "difficulty" of switching payroll processors, especially if your client seems happy with his current service.

Payroll Training Seminar #2: Overcoming a Common Objection: "We do our payroll in-house"

In this video, you will learn how to position yourself if your client is doing their payroll themselves, in-house. Many clients believe because they do the work themselves, they are getting their payroll "for free." Learn how to counter this common objection.

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Training Seminar #3: Overcoming a Common Objection: "I'm happy with who I currently have."

This video actually covers two common objections: “I use my accountant to process my payroll,”  and “I’m happy with the company  I already have.” Despite the fact that PayPros functionality is superior, the client views his accountant as a "trusted adviser,"  which makes this one is hard to overcome.

The second objection, however, is easily countered by discussing cost and service. This video will outline the specifics of these objections and appropriate responses to each.

Training Seminar #4: The Nuts and Bolts of Pricing, How to Get an Invoice, and Basic Charges

In this video, we get down to the business of how the pricing of payroll services works, how to get an invoice, what information we are looking for from the client, and we explain specific payroll fees. 

 Training Seminar #5: Show Me The Money!

How much money can you actually make as a payroll sales rep? Here we discuss commission percentages, average sales amounts, residual income, and a comparison to W2 employees who work full time for a payroll company.

Training Seminar #6: The Payroll Sales Cycle

Here we outline the payroll sales cycle from start to finish, giving you the big picture overview of what selling payroll involves.

Using these videos all together, or one at a time will help you feel more confident as you approach a current or prospective client and introduce payroll. Remember, you are only trying to get an invoice; once you do that, we can take over and YOU get paid when the deal closes. And you'll continue to receive residual commission for the life of the client. 

Let us know how we can help you be more successful--we're here for your success!

Note: This video series was produced for CCBizPro. Some of the commission details may differ slightly from what is discussed on the videos. Each independent sales rep has his or her own contract and the specifics of commission are spelled out for each individual case. Contact us for more information.

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