New Payroll Service Program
Set-Up Check List

When converting to a new Payroll Service Program, you will need to provide certain information to your new Payroll Processing System provider.

Although several payroll service accounting software providers may require a few additional items, you will generally need to provide the following:

Payroll Service Program
  • Void Check for Payroll and/or Tax Account ( generally, spec-sheets are acceptable, deposit slips or information on letter head is not)
  • Employee Master File which would include items like employee name, employee address, deduction info, YTD and QTD totals etc. If converting from ADP a copy of the most recent Master Control as well as a one ending from the previous quarter is sufficient.
  • Prior Quarter Liability and Deposits.
  • Current Quarter Liabilities
  • Proof of Federal, State and Local Tax id numbers. (most recent 940 & 941 for both state & Fed)
  • Employee Master File which would include items like employee name, address, deduction info, YTD and QTD totals.
  • Division/ Branch / Department Listing
  • Earnings / Deductions Listing
  • If you are using time off accrual tracking, a copy of your time of accruals and a report listing your totals by employee (if available).
  • If you are using a General Ledger reporting service, a copy of your payroll chart of accounts.
  • Copies or file layouts for any special Reports requested.

By using this checklist, you will smooth the transition to your new payroll service system.

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Your New Payroll Service Program CSR

Your new Customer Service Rep (CSR) should work with you closely to ensure all data imported is accurate and up to date, especially if you are changing payroll services companies in mid-year.

With some larger payrolls, it is possible to run "in parallel" for one payday to double check the accuracy of the data. In this scenario, your old payroll provider will run the last payroll, while your new provider will process the same information without issuing checks or direct deposits. In this way, you can fix any issues that may be encountered before the following week's "live" payroll.

Good corporate payroll services providers will not only ensure data transfer is complete, but will also balance back the prior year's data,file the fourth quarter and year end payroll taxes, and create W-2's for every employee that worked for the company that year, regardless if they are still employed there.

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