Payroll Sales Jobs : An Ideal Residual Business Income Opportunity

These are NOT your typical payroll sales jobs where you get paid a one time commission only--this is an opportunity to create an additional stream of residual commission on top of what you are already making, which can greatly enhance your current income.

Can you imagine how much more money you would make as a payroll sales rep if you were paid residuals BEYOND a one-time commission? In most sales jobs, after your commission is paid, you get nothing more from the sale--the business owner gets the revenue coming in month after month, year after year.

And, in instances where your commission percentage is increased as yearly sales goals are met--you go back to zero when the new year begins, and have to start all over again to reach those accelerators.

Imagine how much more would you be making as a rep if all the sales you had made were STILL paying you.

Is talking to small business owners or controllers of larger companies about a product or service how you spend a typical day? Do you want to make more money than you do now without much additional effort?

Small business owners and controllers of medium to large companies are the same people who decide how their companies process payroll. After you sell them your product or service, you ask them, "How do you do payroll now?" If they tell you they outsource it, you can tell them, "If you give me a recent invoice, I'll see if I can save you some money."

Could you do that?

If the answer is "Of course," you could be one of the people we are looking for to fill our openings for payroll sales jobs.

Who Will Qualify as a Successful Candidate for our Payroll Sales Jobs?

Anyone who is selling to small business owners or the controllers of larger organizations already has an "in", and is in a prime position to create another solid income stream for themselves.

For example, Brad is an independent representative for a Merchant Services company. When Brad recently sold a 40 employee restaurant, he asked them about payroll, and if they would be willing to get a quote from us. After seeing that they would save almost 20% off of what they were paying one of the largest national payroll processors, they made the switch.

If you have been successful in sales in your local area, you already exhibit the kind of success which will make you a good fit for these payroll sales jobs. We are looking for motivated, energetic individuals who have business to business sales experience. Payroll industry experience is preferred, as are related industries.

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How It Works

You do the selling, and we will provide superior back end processing and personalized customer service. You will be free of all activities except those that make you money.Your clients will be serviced by a team of payroll professionals who have years of experience.

If you are accepted for this Payroll sales agent opportunity, you do not have to pay any fees to join our team as a rep; all fees due from clients are automatically taken care of, and your commissions are transferred automatically to you weekly.

We have provided a Payroll Sales Training Area to help you convert prospects to clients.

Our Payroll System

PayPros is second to none and has all the ancillary services you need to sell in today's competitive market. Your clients will receive top notch quality service, all at a price that typically beats the other major national payroll services by significant amount.

Nationally, PayPros has maintained a client retention rate of 98% since 1999. They are also fully bonded and insured. We can guide you as much as you want or we will stay out of your way and allow you to do what you do best -sell. Residuals are subject to your continued participation in the program, including meeting very reasonable quotas set by management.

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Are you already satisfied with your career, but want to increase your revenue through additional streams of income? We also offer a residual business income opportunity through our Payroll Referral Program. 

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