Offer Additonal Payroll Restaurant Services to Your POS Clients

If you have POS software clients who use your payroll restaurant services, but outsource their tax filing and other compliance, you may be losing out on potential revenue.

Many POS software companies offer a payroll restaurant services module as an additional service to their clients, but don't typically include the tax filing services. If this is your company, why don't you offer the service? Many companies believe that in order to do this, they must set up a Tax Department staffed with CPA's who know the laws in all 50 states, and it is not worth their time and effort.

payroll restaurant services

PayPros specializes in integrating our system with POS partners and then sharing the revenue. We can do as much or as little for your payroll restaurant services clients as you feel comfortable. We can either import the hours worked from your system and process payroll, create a tip-to-minimum report, cut checks and then file payroll taxes for your clients or just take a quarterly export from your system and file the payroll taxes of your client. Either way, your clients would purchase the service through you and we would deposit your commission every time we process for your clients.

Case Study

Problem: Your clients wants out of the office and into the restaurant where they can make money. Spending less time on payroll preparation and tax filing will do the trick, so they start asking around about payroll processing companies.

Most payroll processing providers tell your clients they must redundantly enter the pay data in their application after keying into your software to update their General Ledger. Doubling these data entry tasks will not save your client any time at all.

Solution: PayPros completely integrates our compliance offering with your POS system. The client continues to enter payroll into the POS software and runs payroll the same way they have been doing. But with one click of the mouse, PayPros calculates the taxes, sweeps the client account and then gives the client the option of printing the checks themselves or having PayPros print the checks. All quarterly filings are done for the client.

Each time, the POS software company has their commission direct deposited into one of their accounts with 48 hours of the payroll being calculated.


Since you have a good relationship with your clients, offering them additional services will only strengthen the bond you have with them. In addition, by offering tax filing and other compliance services, you take away the potential arguments against using your service if your payroll module isn't fully integrated. Payroll outsourcing services provide:

  • Tax and SUI payments
  • Assistance with the IRS and State Tax Agencies if there is a problem
  • Printing and distribution of checks
  • A secure site where a paperless client's employees can find their pay stubs and W-2's
  • Instead of competing against these arguments, let us fill in the blanks: we make you look good to your clients and we also revenue share with you.

    PayPros is a national, full service payroll company; when software companies partner with us, we enter into a non-compete agreement that says that we will only do the compliance work (payroll taxes, SUI payments, etc.) for your clients. Software companies can be assured that we value the relationships we form and honor that non-compete clause.

    We find out what you need, and more importantly, what you don't need. We can integrate only what you don't provide with your system and so we don't ever compete with you.

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