Payroll Processing Software Implementation 

Your new payroll processing software provider will perform certain implementation tasks, but you should be prepared to provide specific information for them to properly set up your payroll service provider software.

Your Responsibilities

  • You must provide all the "static" information about each employee, including name, address, social security number, and rate of pay.
  • You must provide recently filed payroll tax forms (940/941) and SUI (State Unemployment Insurance) forms. If you are a newly incorporated entity you must provide proof you have applied for a Tax ID. Your new payroll service system can then start to collect taxes from you under an "Applied For Status" until the IRS and your home state issue you tax ID's

Payroll Processing Software Provider Responsibilities

  • Your payroll processing provider will take the static employee data you furnish them and enter this information into their payroll service provider software. They will then give you a reprint or export the data for you to audit to ensure there were no mistakes with their data entry.
  • Your software provider will load your payroll software or provide a link to their online payroll services website.
  • Your payroll processing system provider will provide you with any necessary training. For companies with a small payroll service program who will be calling in their employee hours, no training may be necessary. For a business with more employees who have more complex payroll needs, a Webex of the particular payroll service program will be given. Live one-on-one training may be available for large companies with complex needs
  • Finally, your new payroll provider should run a "parallel" or pre-process net or register with your former payroll service to be sure it is running smoothly. In this way, any mistakes may be corrected before actual processing occurs.

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Payroll Processing Software and Your CSR

Your Customer Service Rep (CSR) will be very important during this transitional period. Ideally, you have chosen a company that gives you your own dedicated CSR who will work closely with you to ensure your data is transferred accurately. If not, a setup CSR will be assigned to you; further questions may be directed to call-center staff after payroll is up and running.

Your CSR is also responsible for showing you how the software works and how both payroll staff and the employees can access the portions of the payroll software that are applicable to each.

Your CSR should show you how to run specific reports as well as answer any questions you have on any aspect of running payroll.

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