Payroll Processing Services Specialties With PayPros

If you are considering outsourcing with payroll processing services, PayPros has a wide variety of features which can be tailored to your specific needs.

PayPros makes it easy:

For small and simple payrolls, you have the option of calling in, faxing in, or emailing us your hours, and we'll do the rest.

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For medium, large, and more complex payrolls, we have a powerful SaaS (Software as a Service) application that lets you choose from 3 payroll processing services program modules that work as one:

  1. Time & Labor
  2. Payroll Processing & Online Reporting with ad hoc report writing
  3. HRIS- a powerful Human Resources Information System that tracks all of your HR/Safety/Benefit Administration data

Because its SaaS, there's no software to install and upgrades to keep track of. It's an automated payroll system you can access from anywhere.

Some key industries in which we can help with specific needs:


For construction payroll, Job Costing, Certified Payroll and Davis-Bacon reporting has always been tedious, but recent Obama legislation has you up to your eyebrows in paper. Let PayPros help you remove the burden of payroll processing so you can focus on your construction business. Get the best payroll processing services for your contractor payroll.

Enterprise Software Companies---get a jump on your competition by offering seamless integration between your construction software system and our Payroll Tax Filing Services. Your construction clients will get the services they need without going elsewhere--and save valuable time and resources.

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In a busy retail environment you don't have time to worry about paying taxes and it's tough to be expert in labor laws, especially ones relating to employing minors. PayPros can take care of the taxes and give you an HR Resource hot line to advise and help.

But we go beyond payroll, with powerful Scheduling tools that empower your store managers to make sure that they have sufficient coverage: they can see that they have the right number of cashiers and sales clerks scheduled each day of the next week and extra cashiers scheduled on the next holiday weekend.

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Your waitstaff is already keying in and out of your POS system during their shift. How much time would it save if those hours simply imported from your POS into payroll with an automated payroll system? What if tip-to-minimum reporting was fully automated, too?

PayPros has a flexible payroll service program application that can track one employee who works as a waiter some of the time and as a bus boy at other times and pay that employee at different rates in the same pay period.

Are you a POS Software Company for Restaurants or Hospitality? Find out how to add additional payroll restaurant services to capture additional revenue.

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You have both hourly and salaried employees. You have one vacation accrual for part time and another for full time. Soon, you are going to open an office in another state. No problem, PayPros has you covered:

  1. Time & Labor tracks your hourly employees, eliminating the need to manually key hours into payroll
  2. The PayPros Online application gives you the ability to create and manage multiple accruals based employee status
  3. PayPros is a national payroll service program provider with tax filing and expert HR advice for all 50 states

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