Partial Pay Check

by Anonymous

Can a company require employees to take a partial pay check when they switch payroll providers, claiming the money will be in arrears until the employee leaves the company?

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Employer Can't Withhold Pay
by: Best Business Payroll

We'd like some more information to make a definitive claim, but from what you have said, the answer seems to be "no".

According to most state laws, employee pay typically cannot be withheld from an employee for more than one or two weeks (depending on the state).

If I am reading this correctly, money you earned would be held indefinitely until you change jobs. Not ok. I would look into this further and if you get little satisfaction from your HR department, contact someone at your state's Department of Labor to see what can be done.

Best of luck.

adding to arrears?
by: Anonymous

I think their logic is that they will only be holding that part of the pay until the next pay period. I understand that this happens when people are first hired but not sure it can be done for current employees.

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