Outsourcing Payroll Processing : Why PayPros, Inc. is the Best of Both Worlds

As an independent sales rep, Introducing outsourcing payroll processing to your existing clients can provide you with an additional stream of revenue. But before you approach your prospects, you should have a clear idea of why PayPros, Inc. should be the payroll company with whom they choose to do business.

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Why PayPros, Inc.?

PayPros is the best of both worlds: a national company that is large and stable enough to offer all the features even the most large and sophisticated company might need, but with the personalized customer service of a smaller company.

Each client who does business with PayPros gets a dedicated sales rep who really knows their company and all the individual needs they have. And the price is typically 10%-20% less than the "Big Players" in the industry.

Unlike PayPros, these really big players have an impersonal service model; often their customer service is call-center based where customers get the next available rep who doesn't know the details of your particular company.

The service model is important in payroll processing, because unlike most industries, many payroll clients call their processor almost every week. In software, if you hear from more than 5% of your client base in a year, that’s a lot. In most electronics if you hear from more than 1% of your client base, you are clearly doing something wrong or you have a defective product.

In payroll, even happy clients call regularly: so the quality of the customer service has a lot to do with their overall satisfaction. Large payroll companies often don’t invest a lot in their customer service to save money.

In addition, to drive revenue the "Big Players" have annual price increases, because they know that people tend to get set in their ways and won’t change payroll all that often. They also have a lot of nickel and dime charges that aren’t in their proposals, but certainly show up in their invoices. This annoys clients.

But with PayPros, Inc. you can tell prospective clients:

1.       "The price is the price", and it will stay that way year in year out, without the automatic increases the "Big Players" use.

2.       You will know your customer service person, and they will know you and care about your business.

Visit PayPros, Inc. for detailed information on their payroll services.

Talking Points for PayPros, Inc. and Outsourcing Payroll Processing

As you speak with prospective clients about outsourcing payroll processing, you can use a variation of the following: 

If you are happy with the payroll you have now at the price you are paying, keep it.

But if you are having difficulties or get that sneaking suspicion that you are paying too much, I may be able to help you out. I am now affiliated with PayPros, Inc., which has service centers in Florida and the Boston area.

If you are with one of the big payroll companies:

  • It’s about saving money: PayPros, Inc. can usually save you between 10%-20%. Because of annual increases, if you have been with one of the big vendors for a while, we may be able to save you even more.
  • It’s personal: PayPros, Inc. will assign you your own customer service rep. So instead of calling into an impersonal call center, you are calling someone who knows you and cares about your business.

If you are with a local payroll company or are doing your payroll in-house:

  • It’s all in the Cloud: PayPros, Inc can give you basic payroll at a competitive price. But they also have one of the most sophisticated SaaS applications on the market that offers:
  • Complete HR & Benefit Administration
  • "Predictive Analytics: for ACA (Affordable Care Act, commonly known as “ObamaCare”)-- this helps companies be on top of who has to be covered and helps you plan ahead to stay in compliance in the future. This can be a real selling feature: companies with 50 or more full time or full time equivalent employees are required to provide healthcare--but tracking employees and their hours can be challenging, particularly for retail and restaurants. PayPros predictive analytics can save both time and potential penalties by running reports that will keep the owner informed and able to make good decisions.

PayPros offers sophisticated analytics, report writing, and HR record keeping, all in a Cloud-based solution. For an in-depth demo, see:

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As you outline the benefits of outsourcing payroll processing with PayPros, Inc. to your potential clients, remember we are here to help and support you along the way. If you have questions or need help with a potential client, call us at (888) 693-4611.

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