My Boss is Switching Payroll Dates

by Yessie Aparicio
(Palmdale Ca)

My job is paid every 2 weeks. My boss is always late with payroll; next month I was supposed to get paid on the 10th, now she just told me she is changing it and we won't get paid till the 20th and then on the 30th. This is messing me up. What can I do? Is it possible for this to be done?

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Switching Payroll Dates is Allowed, BUT.....
by: Best Business Payroll

Your boss is "always late" with payroll?? We see a huge red flag here. Employees should expect to be paid in an accurate and timely manner, with specific payroll dates set so that both employer and employee know what to expect. The fact that you are not 100% sure you will be paid on time is worrisome.

A call to your state Department of Labor may be in order. They can advise you of your rights as related to being paid in a timely manner, as well as investigate why you are not being paid in a predictable manner now.

Having said that, is is perfectly legal for an employer to change payroll dates or frequencies, as long as the employee is paid for hours worked in a timely manner. A shift from weekly to bi-weekly payroll, for example, happens from time to time when an employer finds compelling reasons to make the switch. But because this is a relatively laborious process to set up, it is usually done infrequently.

From what you have said, your boss is pushing out the pay-date often, and that does not seem right to us. However, without more information as to why this is happening, we can only guess what is going on. Perhaps you could set up a meeting with your boss and request more information about what is happening with payroll; if that does not satisfy your questions, give the DOL a call...

Best of luck to you--we hope this situation is straightened out soon!

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