How to Make Residual Income With Our Payroll Referral Program

Discover how to make residual income with our Payroll Referral Program: We've created a unique opportunity for you to make an additional stream of revenue by adding payroll processing to your current sales offerings-and you don't even need to know payroll to do it.

So how does the Payroll Referral Program work?

how to make residual income

Your knowledge is worth a lot. By simply living in your community and interacting with local business owners and decision makers, you have acquired a body of knowledge which people from outside your area don't have ready access to.

By leveraging those contacts, you have the opportunity to bring in an additional revenue stream to your existing income.

It can be difficult to find a way to convert all that useful knowledge and information into cash-- most referral programs are geared only toward large situations: national companies paying for acquiring a client base from a smaller company, for example. And their payment plans are one time only at best, and usually only for referring organizations that can demonstrate a certain volume.

But what about you? You're not an're just one person. This unique opportunity lets you take advantage of the contacts you have developed and turn them into a residual income stream for years to come.

What do I need to do to learn how to make residual income with your program?

Our Payroll Referral Program works like this: You identify potential clients whom you know may be willing to consider switching their payroll provider; perhaps you know they are disappointed with their current payroll outsourcing service, or, like most businesses, they would like to cut their payroll processing costs. Our payroll typically costs 25% less than the "Payroll Giants" Paychex and ADP.

You speak with them briefly about the getting a quote from us, and ask them to take a call from our representative. If that prospect decides to switch their payroll service, that introduction would net you a referral fee.

Unlike typical payroll sales, which pays a commission once upon completion of the sale, our program pays you a referral fee on not just the first year, but every year the client continues to run their payroll with us. Your commissions will be direct-deposited to your account each time the new client runs a payroll.

We have provided a Payroll Sales Training Area to help you convert prospects to clients.

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Who Can Benefit?

A wide range of people with knowledge of the business owners and decision makers in their community. Knowing who these key contacts are is valuable information. But beyond that, some people are ideally positioned to really profit from this opportunity:

People with business to business sales experience can successfully refer clients and add an additional stream of income without expanding their client base. Many of those best positioned will fall into one of the following three groups:

  1. You are a business to business sales person who has a list of clients who know you and respect your opinion, but you don't feel comfortable enough with payroll to present the payroll package to them.
  2. You are an insurance or employee benefits broker, or a consultant, and you are looking for another revenue stream for your existing client base and your future clients.
  3. You are a current or former payroll sales representative who knows the industry; or you have left your position or the industry as a whole. You have the ability to convince your former contacts to consider switching payroll providers.

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