Full Service Payroll
From One Stop I.T.

One Stop I.T. is now offering Full Service Payroll, powered by PayPros, Inc., specifically designed for their Restaurant Manager clients.

Full Service Payroll was created to seamlessly integrate with Restaurant Manager, streamlining or eliminating steps in the process from getting employees hired, tracking employee hours worked, translating those hours into paychecks, and filing all relevant taxes.

Full Service Payroll uses a hybrid approachwe take the best features of both in-house and outsourced payroll processing and combine them.

Traditionally, companies use one of two ways to get payroll done:

1.       Do it yourself in-house: Take the hours worked out of RM, and enter them into software you have on your PC. Then file the taxes (941 for Fed & Georgia each quarter).

2.       Outsource: Take the hours worked out of RM and send them to Paychex, ADP, your CPA or another service bureau and have them calculate payroll and then file your taxes for you. They also have a number you can call with general payroll questions.

Full Service Payroll streamlines those steps, saves time and reduces the possibility of keying errors: Simply send employee hours worked directly to PayPros, Inc. from Restaurant Manager.

You can see net of each of your employees before sending it off to ensure the data are correct. PayPros, Inc. receives your data, processes payroll, and files all relevant taxes for you. And youre done.

Full Service Payroll Basics

Hiring Made Easy:

When you are talking to an applicant you want to hire, instead of handing them a paper application, just get their name and email address. A link is emailed to their device while they are still sitting there talking to you.

They can tap the link and fill out, not only a cloud-based version of your application, but all forms necessary for a new hire including W-4, Georgia Withholding and I-9. They can even electronically sign them, and with no further paperwork, they are ready to work.

Clunky to Streamlined:

You already track your hours worked and tips earned in Restaurant Manager; getting that data out and into something that can calculate payroll hasnt always been as easy as it should.

Instead of exporting from RM and then importing into something else, a click of the mouse calculates net and then another click sends it off to be processed. And youre done. Employee paid, taxes filed. This is how easy it should have always been.

Tax Filing:

When PayPros, Inc. files your payroll and Sales & Use taxes for you, they also can deal with the relevant controlling authority on your behalf, saving you time and aggravation.

See how it works:

Why PayPros, Inc.?

The PayPros, Inc. iSolved system offers a sophisticated, cloud-based system that can handle the largest and most complex of payrolls with a large array of features.

Unlike some of the big national payroll providers who have a call center approach to their customer service where you get the next available rep when you have a question, PayPros, Inc.  provides you the with personalized customer service: You get your own dedicated Customer Service Rep who really knows you and your business.

Find out more about PayPros Inc., then contact your One Stop I.T. Sales Rep for more information.