Follow-Up With Clients

by Tom H.

I've been in the referral program for since last fall, and have had some good success getting payroll deals on top of my regular deals.

At first, I was going into a prospect and trying to sell both products at once--getting an invoice for merchant services and then payroll as well.

I have gotten some payroll deals that way, but I've gotten more by going back to my existing clients and asking how things are going.

Sometimes they have a complaint that I can take care of, sometimes they have a question I can answer. That has helped retain these clients so I don't lose them to my competition.

But I've also found that this is the best time to ask about how they are doing their payroll. Since I've just helped them out with a question or complaint, they are more likely to give me a payroll invoice, and I've gotten more deals this way.

I see it as a win-win--I've kept my current clients happy and thus have seen more longevity there, but I'm now also getting commission every pay period from my payroll deals.

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