Employee Time and Attendance Software

Employee time and attendance software can be a good choice to track employee hours; companies have all the advantages of using a time clock without the expense of the clock itself. But although this can be a good solution for many companies, this choice is not for everyone. Read on to see who can benefit from this option.

How PC Employee Time and Attendance Software Works

Unlike other time and attendance types, using a PC to track hours does not require any additional hardware. Software is either loaded onto each PC which will be used by employees to punch in and out, or the service can be hosted by the time and attendance SaaS (Software as a Service) vendor.

To punch in, one of two methods may be used:

  1. The employee enters his employee ID into the computer program, and punches in from there. With this method, the time stamp is generated by the computer, so time theft is not an issue.
  2. The employee enters her employee ID into the program, but uses the "honor system" format and types in the time she punches in and out manually. This can increase time theft if they "give" themselves a few extra minutes.

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The "honor system" method may be the only option in certain situations; this format is often used to assist in client billing when accounting for employees whose services are either billed at different rates, or whose fees are reimbursed by different agencies. For example, a counselor may see one patient whose charges are paid for by the state, and another patient whose fees are paid for by a federal program. Punching in and out helps assign the payment due to the proper authority (similar to Job Costing).

Potential Advantages

Employee time and attendance software could cost less if you are planning to keep the system in place for more than three years. Although the upfront costs are more, you may save money instead of paying for the SaaS option, which requires monthly payments as long as you have the service. If you opt for purchasing software, you may want to consider the maintenance agreement.


The "honor system" type of software will not guard against employee time theft. In addition, the potential for "buddy punching" (where a friend punches in for another employee) still exists. If this is an issue for you, you may want to consider a biometric time clock.

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