Employee Debit Payroll Cards

Using Employee Debit Payroll Cards to pay employees is increasing in popularity for good reason. Both employer and employee alike can benefit from using this method of electronic paycheck delivery.

Although many cards can appear to offer similar features, employers should take care to thoroughly research what each card offers. In addition, the fees associated with each type of transaction can vary widely.

Be sure to investigate the fees for the available features to compare the true cost of all reloadable debit payroll cards under consideration before making a decision.

Benefits of the Employee Debit Payroll Card

Look for the following features when comparing cards:

  • Can receive instant payment for “per-diem”, or reimbursement expenses (Huge benefit for employers and employees. Example: Sales people waiting for reimbursement, truck drivers, etc…)
  • Can add additional family members (4) per main card member with low cost transfers
  • Can set spending limits on additional cards, i.e., child in college, emergencies for family members, etc…
  • Full on-line banking (Lower fees than traditional accounts in many cases)
  • Can use their card over and above their traditional banking account (May only use the card for additional benefits they do not receive from their bank)
  • No checks to cash every two weeks
  • Free POS signature and PIN transactions
  • Free ATM access at participating outlets
  • Free Bank Teller cash out services (For banks that accepts MasterCard or Visa, depending on the vendor that supports your payroll debit card )
  • Low cost ACH and card to card transfer services
  • Multiple spouse/dependent card availability
  • Cards can receive funds from any ACH-enabled source (tax refunds, annuities, etc…)
  • Pay bills with card and incur no on-line bill pay fees
  • Free account with mobile banking and online access
  • ALL funds are FDIC insured and protected by Visa or MasterCard’s Zero Liability Program
  • 24/7 Support

In addition, some cards offer Early Pay Distribution (EPD), which enables employees to withdraw funds against wages earned but not yet paid. As an alternative to other high-cost options such as short-term high-interest loans, this feature can be especially attractive to employees.

Fees for this service can vary widely; look for an employee debit payroll card that offers no fees for the employer and a small flat fee to employees to provide the best benefit.

Carefully scrutinizing the features offered and fees charged will enable your company to choose the card that is offers the best combination of features and fees that work for employer and employee alike.

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