E Payroll -- Make the Move to Paperless Payroll

E Payroll is steadily gaining in popularity as companies see the benefits and cost savings of moving to Paperless Payroll for a more green payroll solution. Paperless payroll is fast becoming the norm; a time will soon come when receiving a "live" paper payroll check is a rarity.

How Paperless E Payroll Works

Companies making the switch to Paperless Payroll stop providing paper checks for their employees, and instead move to electronic funds transfers. This may be accomplished in two ways: either through direct deposit into the employee's bank account, or for those without a bank account, through direct deposit onto a reloadable debit card.

In the past, some "unbankable" employees have prevented the move to completely paperless payroll; the availability of such cards now means that companies may make the move to 100% paperless payroll, helping keep costs under control.

In recent years, features for the reloadable debit card have increased, and competition has made associated fees more competitive, making them more attractive to employers and employees alike.

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With paperless payroll delivery, each employee is given a unique password to a secure site where they are able to view or print their paycheck stubs.

Many states require that employees must be able to access the internet from work, although employees may access their information from their home computer or any other computer with internet access.

Paperless Payroll Benefits

Your company will typically save money by going to a paperless format; your company will no longer need to pay fees for printing paper checks, stuffing envelopes, and delivering payroll. The savings realized, however, may be somewhat negated because some payroll providers charge a fee for providing access and employee passwords to their secure website.

If you are considering going Paperless, these three resources can help you make the decision if paperless payroll is right system for you:

  • Paperless Open Enrollment can save companies between $25 and $75 per enrolled employee, and offers other benefits as well.
  • A Paperless Employee Expense Manager can save your company money--depending on several factors. See if your company can benefit.
  • What are your State Requirements for Paperless Payroll? Consult this list to see what the laws of each state allow.
  • Going paperless helps the environment; By choosing a more "green" payroll system, the volume of paper used in the payroll process is greatly diminished, reducing consumption of trees, and lessening the volume of discarded paper in both recycling efforts and landfills.

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    Potential Drawbacks to Paperless Payroll

    Some employees may be resistant to Paperless Payroll. Most of these employees tend to be older or less computer savvy, and may feel intimidated by using technology they don't understand well.

    Others are resistant to change in general; they are used to taking a live check to cash at their local bank.

    Employees who do not currently have an active bank account may have concerns about how they will access their money; in this case, a company may opt to use a reloadable debit card.

    Companies may need to offer training sessions to assist these people in accessing their payroll check stubs, or may need to provide a computer for employees to use at work.

    Once employee concerns about change have been addressed, Paperless Payroll tends to be a positive change for most companies overall.

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