Can My Employer Hold Our Paychecks Past the Pay Date?

by Cee

My job changed management companies which changed payroll companies. Our checks are always wrong every pay period.

Recently we were told we will go to biweekly instead of semimonthly. Our pay periods were every 7th and 22nd of the month. We were told we would get paid last Friday then that was changed to Monday and now it's Friday the 8th.

Should we get paid on the 7th? They have our checks but won't give them to us. Everyone is very upset with the constant errors too. What can we do?

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The Payroll Blues
by: Best Business Payroll

It sounds like your employer is really struggling with your new payroll provider. But given how terrible the last one was, at least they are trying to rectify the situation and improve the accuracy of everyone's pay. The difficulty for you and the other employees is that you are apparently suffering during the bumpy transition.

In many states, there are laws that dictate how often within a given month hourly wage earners must be paid. Unfortunately, Florida is not one of them--there are no laws regarding payroll frequency, so you really have no legal recourse.

However, because your next pay period will be longer than usual, you need to really scrutinize your next paycheck to be sure all hours are accounted for.

If you have bills you need to pay in the interim, speak with your direct supervisor to see if you could possibly get a partial payment to tide you over until you actually get paid.

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