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You're looking for the best payroll services provider, but you have many payroll companies to choose from when deciding on payroll system software. So why choose PayPros, Inc.? Three Key Reasons:

  1. Best Payroll Services:
    • You get a dedicated Customer Service Representative
    • Low ratio of service people to clients
    • All service is US-based (some national companies have begun using call centers in India)
  2. Best Cutting-Edge Technology: the PayPros system is one of the newer platforms on the market, with a shared database for Payroll and Human Resources.
  3. Best Price: Typically save 25% compared to other nationwide payroll service providers.

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I own a small company and I am using one of the local companies that offer payroll services. Why should I use PayPros, Inc.?

In this trying economy PayPros, Inc. has enjoyed unprecedented growth. A lot of our growth is small competitors selling PayPros their client base. There are two reasons for this:

  1. Scandal
  2. Economy of scale

In the past few years, a number of scandals involving payroll companies misappropriating client tax money have surfaced. When payroll companies do not pay your taxes with the money they have swept from your account, the IRS does not go after them, they go after you.

Because many small local companies that offer payroll services have almost always been the culprits, this has put incredible political pressure on state governments to crack down on these small players.

Tougher regulation results in a double-whammy for the little guys:

  • Fidelity Bonding
  • A larger percentage of money in escrow as compared to how much of their clients' tax money they have

All of these factors conspire to make it more difficult to be a small payroll services company and, without realizing it, riskier for the companies that do business with them. PayPros is large enough to be rock solid, but not so large that it gives "cookie-cutter" one size fits all type of service.

I work for a medium to large sized company. Why should I use PayPros, Inc.?

Sophisticated clients in the marketplace have already figured out that HR and payroll all use the same data, they are just used for different applications. For instance, benefits administration.

The fact that the first $100 dollars of a health insurance premium is paid by the employer is the result of an HR department studying the job market.

The fact that the first $100 of the monthly premium is paid by the company and the rest is paid by the employee needs to be programmed into payroll.

The old school way was to connect a powerful HRIS system (Human Resources Information System) to a great payroll system. (The really old school way is to manually update HRIS by typing data from payroll).

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Outsourcing has its difficulties:

  • Because of the mainframe structure, software capabilities limited as compared to an in-house system.
  • Payroll and HR have multiple databases, and because of this, often complicated reporting tools.
  • Payroll and HR often have multiple customer service contacts.

Because of the limitations of Mainframe systems, another national payroll provider came out with a system where the back end is done by a PC based server instead of a mainframe.

This has been referred to as "In-sourcing" because it takes all of the Outsourcing benefits, but some of the benefits of In-House as well: you can calculate manual checks in real time, you need not worry about the mainframe purging archived data, etc.

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In-sourcing can be challenging as well:

  • Interfaces between Payroll (a PC application) and Human Resources (a Web-based application) are often difficult and incomplete.
  • Limited user/mulit-location access because not all data is on the web.
  • Multiple databases and reporting tools for Payroll and Human Resources makes reporting challenging and sometimes inconsistent.
  • Multiple Payroll and Human Resources customer service contacts..

The Best Payroll Services
Share a Database

The PayPros payroll and HR share a database. This is much better than connecting and much easier to maintain on an ongoing basis, providing you with the best payroll services available.

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With one shared database, all the data used by Payroll or HR is automatically updated in the other. Connectivity isn't an issue, and report writing is easier. This more stable and simple structure is also easier for the PayPros to provide the best support for.

It is a bizarre era in the payroll industry when the national companies, using older platforms that merely look new, offer payroll services and HR systems that are connected the old fashioned way but a smaller company like PayPros has up-to-date technology and offers one shared database allowing them to provide the best payroll services.

How can I send PayPros my data?

After you collect your payroll hours and earnings each pay period we have a few easy options:

Telephone: give us a call and your client service representative will be happy to key in your payroll data. Fax: simply fill-out your Input Worksheet and fax it to PayPros for processing. E-mail: with the click of a mouse, send your Input Worksheet for processing. Internet: our eGrid allows you to transmit your payroll data from virtually anywhere via the Internet. It is recommended for our larger, more complex clients. Then view reports online from anywhere.

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