B2B Sales Payroll Jobs - Getting the Payroll Invoice

As an independent sales rep, adding B2B sales payroll jobs to your current sales offerings can increase your income by creating an additional revenue stream. Not only that, with the power of residuals, your earnings will compound every year for the life of the client.

Your main goal is not to close the payroll deal with your prospect, but simply to get an invoice from their current payroll processor. Once you do that, we take it from there. If we close the deal, you get paid.

Throughout this Payroll Sales Training area, we've tried to give you, the independent sales rep, the tools to speak intelligently about payroll so that you can achieve your goal--but really, the goal is simply to obtain the invoice. So what's the best approach? 

b2b sales payroll jobs

Before we begin, let's a step back and get an overview:

Many business owners are unhappy with their present payroll vendor. When mistakes are made in the area of payroll tax filing, many of the big payroll companies simply pass the cost along to their clients (even if it’s not your client’s fault!).

Late fees and penalties incurred do not make happy business owners. Poor customer service can be an issue as well; if your clients are tired of calling a call center or not getting an answer to their questions in a timely manner, they are probably dissatisfied. 

Because of this, many of your clients are either currently looking at other ways to do payroll or they are simply dissatisfied with their present way of doing things but believe it’s harder than it really is to change payroll outsourcing vendors.

Another group of your current clients is paying too much for payroll for one reason or another. Most people would welcome a chance to at least get a quote to see how much money they could save.

B2B Sales Payroll Jobs - Three Steps to the Sale

If you can uncover some unhappy payroll clients, or clients who would like to save money, you have an opportunity. So how can you cash in on all of this?

First, tell your clients that you partner with a national payroll processor called PayPros Inc.

  •  PayPros Inc. is a national player, so they are not as big as the impersonal giant payroll companies, but have more features than the local guys.
  • PayPros, Inc. can often save the client anywhere from 10%-20% over what they are paying now
  • PayPros, Inc. provides personalized service, so your client will know their customer service rep and they will know your client. 
  • If they just want payroll…PayPros can do that. If they need all the bells and whistles, PayPros Inc. has an SaaS application that can do payroll, HRIS and even specialized analytics that can keep them in compliance with ACA (Affordable Care Act, commonly known as “Obamacare”)

Second, ask them for a recent invoice from their current payroll provider. If they don’t want you to see what they are paying, tell them they can block out the price. PayPros, Inc. just wants to see headcount, frequency and what features they are using now so PayPros Inc. can give them a quote for comparable services.

Third, send it to us and we’ll get back to your client with a quote and answer their questions. If we sell it, you get not only get some cash, you get a residual that lasts as long as they are a PayPros, Inc. client.

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B2B Sales Payroll Jobs -Summing It All Up

It's pretty straightforward. You can summarize it for your clients like this:

"Send me a recent invoice, so I know what level of service you are getting now and I can give you a price for comparable features and a price for the next step up in service and we’ll see if I can save you money. If you are not interested after you get a quote, you won’t need to talk to anyone trying to sell you on it-- I’ll handle everything."

That's it--send the invoice along to us, and we'll do the rest. 

And if you have questions or information you think would help us close the deal, we're here to talk. 

Congratulations! You're on your way to adding B2B Sales Payroll Jobs to your repertoire!

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