Apply Payroll Taxes to Which Amount?

by anonymous

QUESTION: My employee made $24,456.00 GROSS annual, but the I.R.S. told him his "taxable income" is $15,106.00

As his employer... do I apply the 15% tax bracket to the $15,106.00 OR Do I apply the 15% to his gross the $24,456.00? ... I'm totally confused... HELP !!

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IRS Knows Best
by: Best Business Payroll

If the IRS is saying the taxable amount is $15,106.00, then you would apply the 15% to that amount. Certain deductions affect the taxable amount: health and dental insurance, prescription drug coverage, and 401(k) contributions reduce the taxable amount. So if those are being taken out of your employee's pay, they are considered "Pre-Tax Deductions"; take the tax out of the remainder.

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