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Payroll Sales Pro Issue #23--Using LinkedIn Effectively
June 20, 2016

June 20, 2016

How are you using LinkedIn to increase your leads and ultimately your sales? Use these five tips to get the most from Social Selling on LinkedIn.

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Five Tips for Using LinkedIn Effectively

Chances are, as a B2B salesperson, you have a LinkedIn account (if not, you’d do well to get one set up TODAY). But how well are you doing at leveraging it to positively impact your sales? Use these five tips to help you get the most of this powerful social selling resource:

1. Complete your Profile. Many times, people list their current job, but fail to go further. This is a missed opportunity, since many people will find your past experience useful and informative. But try to avoid it looking only like your resume. Yes, LinkedIn can be used for a job search, and many people use it for this. But in your case, LinkedIn is more of a platform for what you can do for people. Highlight your skills and experiences without being too “salesy”. Imagine you are a potential prospect or customer. What would you want to hear? Probably about their extensive experience working with small business, or . Why should this prospect want to work with you? If your profile answers this question, then it’s probably doing its job.

Include a professional looking photo. A headshot in a professional setting will go a lot farther than one at a party with a drink in your hand. That’s fine for a platform like Facebook, but you want to emphasize your professional qualities within a professional circle. Include your hobbies and interests as well as any volunteer positions—humanize yourself for your connections.

2. Use LinkedIn daily. Post updates about you, your company, and your product. This lets others know about you and your business, and how you may be in a position to help them solve a problem they may currently have, or that they may have in the future.

”Like” and share other people’s posts and links. Your connections will see that you shared a particular link, and some will find it helpful to them, too. And your activity will appear on your connections’ news feed, giving you more exposure. Spending just a few minutes a day can help grow your network

3. Join the right groups. If you are selling in a particular geographic area, join groups in that area. For example, Boston area sales reps might join the “Boston Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners” group; someone in Cleveland could join “Go Small Business Cleveland.” This will enable you to see what is happening with your target audience AND let you post things to the group, giving you more exposure.

Be aware that some groups frown on overt “selling,” but if you provide on-point comments and posts, your membership will be valuable. You may, however, connect with other members of these groups outside of the group where you can be a bit more direct in your approach.

4. Use a 3 to 1 ratio for your posts. Constantly hawking your product gets old and will make people tune you out. If you use a 3 to 1 ratio of three “helpful” posts to one “salesy” post, you will do better. Helpful posts include things such as an article business owners might find interesting and informative that will help them with an aspect of their business, a self-help article that would appeal to many people, a personal post with some detail about your work or home life (but not TOO personal).

By providing links to useful articles and content that your target connections can actually use, you build credibility as a trusted advisor. Then when you do post a Call to Action type of post, you will have a warm audience who are more likely to be receptive to what you have to say.

5. Create Your Own Group If you are really motivated, you could create your own group. They are easy to create, and you can invite connections who have similar interests to join. In addition to your immediate connections, like-minded users can find you with an organic search--but keep in mind that in order to attract more group members, you will need to use a very specific, on-point title so that the nature of your group is obvious, and the search feature will find it. If you are based in a certain geographic area, be sure to use the city or state in the group.

By using LinkedIn consistently, you should start to see real results within a few weeks. Used wisely, you can expand your opportunities--connections will become leads, and leads will become sales.

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