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Payroll Sales Pro Issue #8--Switching Payroll Companies: Counteracting What’s Holding Your Client Ba
February 22, 2016

February 22, 2016

Monday Morning Pick Me Up

Inspiration and Information to start your week right

"Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate, and to humble." -Yehuda Berg

Payroll Talking Points

When companies contemplate making any sort of change, they are motivated by two basic factors: 1. What will making this change improve? and 2. How might this cause us a headache and make us regret our decision?

We’ve talked about the benefits of PayPros many times: Cost savings of typically 15-20% over what they are paying now, and a Dedicated Customer Service Rep who knows them and their business.

But what about the headache factor? Payroll is such an important part of their business that any mistakes cause a huge (and justified) outcry from any improperly paid employees. Companies worry that transferring all that data from one payroll provider to another during set up, and then transferring data from the G/L to payroll during each pay period could result in errors and thus headaches to rectify.

PayPros ensures this won’t happen. When a company decides to switch to PayPros, Inc. all their current employee data can be transferred electronically, which will ensure data integrity and eliminate the keying errors of manual entry. Then, each pay period they can get a customized G/L Report that they can access online and “import” into their G/L each time they run payroll. The benefits of importing as opposed to manually keying the data into the G/L each pay period are that it’s easier and more accurate—both features clients want.

Typically, updating the General Ledger is one of the arguments companies have against outsourcing payroll. Many inhouse systems have General Ledger and payroll in the same program so when payroll is run, the General Ledger or G/L is updated automatically.

When you talk to prospects who have G/L concerns they will be in one of two boats:

  1. They do their payroll In house where the G/L is updated automatically and they fear they will have to manually update
  2. They outsource their payroll to a small company where they must manually update their G/L and they are concerned about keying errors and data transfer.

Let your prospects in either situation know that updating the G/L is both safe and easy.

All it takes to refer payroll is to obtain a payroll invoice from the client, then send it to us and we’ll take it from there. When the client signs up with payroll, you get paid a residual commission for the life of the client.

Remember, PayPros can typically save them 20-25% over what they are currently paying and they will get a dedicated customer service rep that really knows them and the ins and outs of their business.

Ask them for a current invoice, send it to us, and when it closes you get residual commission for the life of the client.

For more detailed payroll Talking Points tips and information, see Payroll Tips and Techniques

Monday Morning Quarterback

Tips to help you self-audit your sales process

Words Guide Actions—Two Simple Fixes!

The words you choose can radically affect your behaviors, and thus your success, posits Stanford University professor Bernard Roth in his new book, "The Achievement Habit." According to Roth, making two simple substitutions in your language can set you on a better path to success in all areas of your life.

First, substitute “but” for “and.” Using the word “but” tends to be self-limiting—for example, you may be tempted to say, “I want to go to the movies but I have work to do.” Roth writes, "When you use the word but, you create a conflict (and sometimes a reason) for yourself that does not really exist." Instead, use the word “and” to eliminate that conflict. Now, “I want to go to the movies and I have work to do,” leads you to find a solution which enables you to do both things.

Second, substitute “have to” to “want to” to change your frame of mind. Even unpleasant tasks sometimes are necessary to achieve bigger-picture goals. Roth recommends a simple exercise: The next few times you say "I have to" in your mind, change have to want.

If the smaller (less enjoyed) goal leads to a larger (sought after) goal, framing your outlook from “have to” to “want to” can help motivate you. For example, one of Roth's students felt he had to take the math courses required for his graduate program, even though he hated them. But by framing the topic as something he “wanted” to do rather than “had” to do, he realized that he really did want to take the classes because the benefit of completing the requirement outweighed the discomfort of sitting through classes he didn't enjoy. "This exercise is very effective in getting people to realize that what they do in their lives — even the things they find unpleasant — are in fact what they have chosen," he says.

Small tweaks like this can help change your outlook and productivity. Try them!

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