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April 25, 2016, Issue #16--Leveraging Your Acquaintances
April 25, 2016

April 25, 2016

Monday Morning Pick Me Up

Inspiration and Information to start your week right

One of the challenges in networking is everybody thinks it's making cold calls to strangers. Actually, it's the people who already have strong trust relationships with you, who know you're dedicated, smart, a team player, who can help you.

--Reid Hoffman, American Businessman

Payroll Talking Points--Leveraging Your Acquaintances

One of our Payroll Referral Reps, Suzanne, has had success in leveraging the relationships she has with her friends and acquaintances to uncover new payroll opportunities.

One weekend about a year ago, Suzanne ran into an acquaintance named Steve at her local ski mountain and chatted with him as they rode the lift to the top together. As Suzanne told Steve about her business, she shared that she had recently had some success referring payroll deals.

As the conversation unfolded, it led to Steve, who was a manager at a local grocery store, to tell her that thought his boss might be interested in hearing more about her payroll solution. Seeing an unexpected opportunity, she asked Steve if he’d be willing find out more. Steve found out that although the opportunity wasn’t immediate, he thought within 6-9 months his boss would be willing to get a quote. It took some patience (see Payroll Sales Pro Issue #14—“No” Doesn’t Always Mean No…) but the grocery store recently switched their payroll.

Suzanne shared with us that she was a bit surprised by this opportunity—she hadn’t been trying to drum up business by talking to Steve, she was simply having a conversation. It led her to think about who else she knew who might know the “right people” in any given business in her circle of friends and acquaintances. She uncovered several more opportunities in this way, and has augmented her sales in this manner.

Suzanne shared that she often gives a gift certificate to anyone who gives her leads that end up in a payroll deal. This has not only been a way to say thank you, but it has also encouraged more information and several more leads from her circle of friends.

Think about who YOU might know—do you have friends and acquaintances with the “ear” of a decision-maker at a local business? Try striking up a conversation with them, and you, too, may get some solid payroll leads.

All it takes to refer payroll is to obtain a payroll invoice from the client, then send it to us and we’ll take it from there. When the client signs up with payroll, you get paid a residual commission for the life of the client.

Remember, PayPros can typically save them 20-25% over what they are currently paying and they will get a dedicated customer service rep that really knows them and the ins and outs of their business.

Ask them for a current invoice, send it to us, and when it closes you get residual commission for the life of the client.

For more detailed payroll Talking Points tips and information, see Payroll Tips and Techniques

Monday Morning Quarterback

Tips to help you self-audit your sales process

Five Networking Tips for Success

  1. Listen to learn. Learn how to fully engage in listening—you will learn much more than if you dominate the conversation. You may uncover opportunity you didn’t know existed.
  2. In order to get, you have to give. If you support, guide and make contributions to other peoples’ lives, you will reap the rewards. Make networking a two-way street, not just “what’s in it for me” and you will enjoy more success. Share a tip, lead, or insight that may help others. They may not be able to return the favor now, but you will build trust and remember you when they DO have information you may find valuable.
  3. Do what’s right, not what is easy. Strength of character leads us to do the right thing, even when there are easier options. Questionable ethics often have a way of revealing themselves eventually, and you will lose credibility. Those who follow through on what they promise, even when it’s hard, will be looked on favorably by others.
  4. Treat others the way you want to be treated. This one goes hand in hand with #3: before you act, think about how you would like it if you were on the receiving end of the action.
  5. Make what is valuable important. Instead of thinking about what is profitable, think about what is valuable. Invest in others and you will grow your business opportunities. Showing people the value in what you are offering will be more likely to result in positive networking and more sales.

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