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April 18, 2016, Issue #15--Unique Requests? Yes, We Do That…..
April 18, 2016

April 18, 2016

Monday Morning Pick Me Up

Inspiration and Information to start your week right

The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are, first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense.”

― Thomas Edison

Payroll Talking Points--Unique Requests? Yes, We Do That…..

Business Travel and the Blue Collar worker.

Recently, we signed up a client with a rather unique request: could we handle loans for travel?

Loans for travel? The sales person had never heard of that before, so he asked the client to clarify. The client is a company that installs and repairs cell towers that allow our cell phones to work. Because this is dangerous work, not a lot of companies do this, so this client often sends workers within a five state radius to work on towers. A lot of overnight travel means they need effective ways to cover travel expenses.

Even though their workers are well paid, for whatever reason (bad finances, inability to budget) these workers need their employer to “loan” them the travel expenses up front. Many sales jobs that require travel have the sales person pay for the hotel room, purchase meals and then wait to be reimbursed. Many blue collar workers who travel cannot do this.

The cell tower client had been giving each worker an upfront allowance check that the worker would cash and then take the cash on the road. Though this seemed like a solution that would work for them, they had some unforeseen issues that made it less than ideal.

Through PayPros, Inc., we came up with a better way. PayPros can provide Payroll Debit Cards, which can be used in a number of ways, including the travel scenario.

  1. Unlike a credit card, there is no credit check, because the money has to already be there before the cardholder can use it
  2. Unlike a debit card through a bank, the employee does not need a checking account
  3. Accepted by practically every vendor
  4. Easy for the employer to track; they can deposit the money in the employee’s account. Even if the employee is already on a trip and has to stay later (and incur more expense than expected) the employer can put in money that the employee can spend instantly.

Although you probably won’t see the specific situation outlined above, we can provide a wide range of solutions that can help address the unique needs of each individual client—ask us!

All it takes to refer payroll is to obtain a payroll invoice from the client, then send it to us and we’ll take it from there. When the client signs up with payroll, you get paid a residual commission for the life of the client.

Remember, PayPros can typically save them 20-25% over what they are currently paying and they will get a dedicated customer service rep that really knows them and the ins and outs of their business.

Ask them for a current invoice, send it to us, and when it closes you get residual commission for the life of the client.

For more detailed payroll Talking Points tips and information, see Payroll Tips and Techniques

Monday Morning Quarterback

Tips to help you self-audit your sales process

Four Reasons Persistence is Key

  • Patience and Persistence pay off. Success doesn’t always come easily or quickly. In our instant gratification society, sometimes it’s tempting to give up when meeting with adversity. But focusing on your goals and not giving in when the going gets tough separates the successful from the unsuccessful. But as you vow to work harder and be persistent in your goals, be sure to:
  • Use adversity as opportunity. Look critically at what you’re doing. Evaluate whether your methods are (or should be) working. Is there a “tweak” you can make to increase the likelihood of success? Are you approaching the task from the proper angle? Or do you just need to stick with what you’re doing a little longer? Learning from your mistakes or failures can help you hone your approach and improve your outcome.
  • Luck comes from hard work. Luck happens when hard work, timing, and talent intersect. The old saying, “You make your own luck” is true—those who do little usually have little to show for it. Keep working toward your goals even when you are discouraged, because:
  • When you quit, you fail. The surest way to ensure lack of success is to quit. Fatigue, discomfort, and discouragement are merely symptoms of effort—try to view them as such. Those things often mean you are working hard. Take a break, refocus, and keep working toward your goals to achieve success.

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